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DIR EN GREY Documentary Blu-ray & DVD 
2014.4.23 RELEASE

DIR EN GREYがステージに立ち続ける理由

鮮烈なデビューを飾って以来15年の月日を経ても尚、進化し続けるDIR EN GREYの最新ドキュメンタリー映像集第4弾『TOUR13 GHOUL』が4月23日に発表されます。人肉を喰う鬼と呼ばれる<GHOUL>の如­­­­­く、京自らが施した髑髏メイクに震撼した2013年9月18日横浜BLITZ­を­皮­切­り­に、<mazy>では迷路の如く視聴覚をも惑わす映像・照明演出で世­界観­を創­りあ­げ、­<instinct>では本能の赴くままに全てを曝け出した­国内公­演、1­1月1­日に起­きたLA空港での銃乱射事件に居合わせるという衝撃­の幕開け­からツア­ーバスの­故障によ­る公演中止も危ぶまれた全米公演の3ヵ月に­カメラが完­全密着。新­たな挑戦へ­の不安、想­像を絶する現実、そして苦難の末に­見つける光の­一端。なぜス­テージに立つ­のか――自問­自答を繰り返しても答えの­出ない歯痒さに­もがく日々の中­で、<DIR EN GREY>として前進し続ける5人の素顔に迫るリアルドキュメンタリー。内面から溢れ­­­­­出た言葉と感情が漲る永久保存版作品です。

Why DIR EN GREY continues to take the stage

It has been 15 years since DIR EN GREY made their spectacular debut, and they are still continuing to progress. DIR EN GREY has just announced their fourth video documentary, TOUR13 GHOUL, with footage that documents DIR EN GREY face to face with reality, will be released on April 23, 2014. It features their domestic headlining tour beginning at YOKOHAMA BLITZ on September 18, 2013, where Kyo revealed his self-created, skull-like make-up that gave him the appearance of a ghoul starved for human flesh. The tour’s stage production invited audiences into the world of DIR EN GREY, while the band followed their instincts and laid themselves bare for the crowds. The documentary also includes their month-long American tour, from the fatal shooting at LAX on November 1 for which DIR EN GREY were present, to the looming possibility of cancelling shows due to a tour bus breakdown. The three months of filming captures on video anxiety about their new challenges, unimaginable realities, and a ray of hope at the end of hardship. Why take the stage? —— This is the film that documents the five members who repeatedly ponder this unanswerable question and fight their way through difficulty. Don’t miss their words and feelings from the inside. 

Manufactured by FIREWALL DIV.
Distributed by Sony Music Distribution(Japan)Inc.


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